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Although well entrenched in the age of technology and downsizing, companies and organizations are recognizing more clearly than ever that the greatest resource is the human resource.  To assist the specific nature of interpersonal, communication and leadership skill development needed to achieve organizational success; Dr. Esteve prepares a tailored program for professionals in executive training and leadership development.

Tapping the foundation of his belief in building personal potential through solution-focused development, Dr. Esteve transitions his therapy techniques to serve the corporate, organizational and non-profit environment. Upon review of the organizational dynamic, vision, mission, culture, and specific goals assigned to a leader, as well as the social environment often developed within a workplace, a program is created to assist the individual attempting to navigate all of these toward a successful tenure.

The program for professionals may include:

  •  A defined length of training with regular sessions, measurable outcomes at key intervals and action plan development
  • Psychological and professional assessment delivered in a positive forum to define strengths and growth area opportunities
  • Competency, preference, and readiness testing
  •  Identification of barriers, assignment of trusted mentors, and direction to on-going resources
  •   Individual and team review, assessment, and feedback with strategies for positive change

Benefits and outcomes that can be expected from the program include:

  •   Improved relationships between supervisors and team members as well as overseeing directors
  • A more committed, satisfied, and fulfilled employee and staff
  •   Increased productivity among a more personally rewarded team
  •  Improved retention of employees to reduce the cost of staff turnover

Executive training and leadership development is an important investment and should be planned carefully to create a mutually trusting, respectful, and productive relationship between the therapist and the executive or full staff. Individuals may invest in a program for their professional growth or companies may wish to contract with Dr. Esteve to address individual and team changes at the management and executive level.

Such an investment demonstrates corporate and organizational commitment and creates a clear picture of the future and its possibilities.

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